VISTACON 2010 - Successful Test Automation

By: Hans Buwalda

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Organization: LogiGear Corporation

Title: Chief Technical Officer

Presentation Description:

Keyword-driven test automation has entered the mainstream of testing. It has proven to be the best approach to reach high levels of automation with the lowest possible effort, and it can bring you the flexibility, manageability, and maintainability that test automation demands. One of the leading examples of  a keyword-driven method is Action Based Testing™ (ABT). This method combines test design concepts and keyword automation in an effective way, and has been used for a variety of projects in the past 16 years, in numerous countries and industries.

In this class Hans Buwalda will introduce you to keyword-driven test automation, and show you how you can make it successful using the Action Based Testing method. Basis for the tutorial are the "5% Rules of Test Automation": no more than 5% of your test cases should be executed manually, and no more than 5% of your total testing effort should be used to achieve this high level of automation. Talking points for the day include technical aspects of keyword automation, but a large part of the day will be spent on the many non-technical ingredients for success, like automation friendly test design and managing processes and teams.

Main Message

  • Introduction to automated software testing
  • Comparing automation methods
  • Essentials of Action Based Testing
  • What makes automation successful
  • How to create a successful team for automated testing and ABT