VISTACON 2010 - Off-shoring Test Automation

By: Hans Buwalda

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Organization: LogiGear Corporation

Title:Chief Technical Officer

About Your Presentation / Presentation Description

Although software testing can be an exciting challenge, testers often are bogged down in voluminous, manual testing and re-testing with relatively shallow requirements-based test cases. This old approach costs projects time and money while stealing resources away from more creative testing. Organizations look at two ways to reduce these repetitive testing costs, automation and off-shoring. Combining these two approaches has the promise of even more savings to the organization. However, the reality of off-shored test automation can be disappointing and even lead to a “double backlash” instead of a “double benefit” because both automation and off-shoring are complex operations in and of themselves. Hans presents some key elements for success - clear direction, good methods, appropriate tools, and effective supervision - and explores the most common pitfalls to avoid.

Bullet Points/ Main Message

  • what are potential benefits from automation and from off-shoring
  • what are the main challenges
  • how to make test automation and off-shoring successful

Target Audience

x Introductory
x Intermediate
x Advanced