VISTACON 2011 - Organizers


LogiGear Corporation
LogiGear VN

LogiGear provides premium software testing and test automation services that turn your unique vision for software testing into an exact result. We are the Special Forces of Software Testing -- we unite effective strategy, tactics and methodology with the latest technology and well-trained staff, working in close teams, to solve the world's most complex, difficult test and automation problems.

With 16 years of research and practical experience, over 3,000 testing projects completed, a cadre of highly-trained test engineers and an innovative methodology and technology that enables automation coverage to exceed 95% across 15 platforms, we have delivered substantial value in improving test coverage and cost/time savings to more than 500 companies worldwide. Companies who are serious about improving Test Efficiency turn to LogiGear for help with their unique testing needs, and we get the job done!

The company testing leadership is provided by three world-recognized software testing experts. Hung Q. Nguyen, Hans Buwalda and Michael Hackett are pioneers in high-volume test automation and skill-based testing. They are authors/co-authors of industry-leading texts and papers including five top-selling testing books (one bestseller), and they are frequent speakers at key industry events.

Founded in 1994, named one of 2009 Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. 500|5000, Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times, LogiGear is a US Corporation headquartered in San Mateo, California, with over 300 employees and the largest Test Center of Excellence in Vietnam -- all dedicated to improving software Test Efficiency.


Founded in 2006 under the support and advise from IDG ASEAN and PC World Magazine, MRD provides  high quality professional marketing services, particularly in the areas of information technology, telecommunications, and finance.

MRD utilizes its core strengths in marketing for their event planning programs helping customers organize conferences, events and brand promotions with reasonable cost and effective management.

MRD’s activities and services:

1. Public Relations


  • Grand Opening Ceremonies
  • Product Launch
  • Special Events
  • Award Ceremonies

Trade Marketing & Activation

  • Promotion Campaigns
  • Sampling Socials
  • Road-shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Consumer Activation

Public Relations

  • Press Conference
  • Advertorial PR
  • PR-purposed Event
  • Brand Communication
  • Media Relations
  • VIP, Speaker Invitation

2. Booth Construction

3. Event Services

Service Prior to Event
Offering the organizing venue, arranging transportation and accommodation, creating event contents including event program, inviting guests,  implementing entertainment and promotion activities, developing and distributing promotional plans. Seeking senior-level speakers, supporting technical, sound, light and manage budget. Designing and constructing  booths, event theme, and promotional materials,.

Service During the Event
Welcoming guests, registering guests, planning dinner, manage human resources, overseeing entire event.

Service After the event
Reviewing operations after the event, updating the detailed list of attendance and providing a report analysis after the event.