“Mình rất là vui và hạnh phúc khi tham dự hội nghị này. Có lẽ điều mình thích thú nhất đó là các chuyên gia, những người có thể nói là những chuyên gia đầu ngành test, đến từ Mỹ, mang đến những kiến thức cho tester Việt Nam.” Trần Thị Thu, QA Manager, Tinh Van Media.

“VISTACON provided the ability to do some great networking with many professionals in my industry. It also provided me some insight into various improvements for my own company.” Matt Elias, Software QA Test Lead, Livescribe, Inc.

"Thank you to the organizers of VISTACON, LogiGear Corporation, and Bug Hunting Contest committee for choosing me as the winner of this year's bug hunting contest. It was great fun and wonderful to see some of my testing idols, Cem Kaner, Hung Nguyen and B.J. Rollison from Microsoft. All in all, it was a great conference, filled with quality speakers, track sessions, and first rate knowledge" Ajay Balamurugadas, winner of the VISTACON Bug Hunting Contest.

“Tôi thấy hội nghị VISTACON lần này được tổ chức rất là bài bản và những bài phát biểu của diễn giả có chất lượng cao và thuyết phục.“ Đặng Trường Sơn, Trưởng Khoa Công Nghệ Thông Tin, Đại Học Sư Phạm Kỹ Thuật.

“Hội nghị được tổ chức khá tốt. Chương trình khá sôi động, có thể khiến cho người ta cảm nhận được không khí của 1 hội nghị chuyên nghiệp.” Lâm Hồng Phú, QA Manager, Gameloft.


“The participants are very eager. They are very interested to learn about different ideas of software testing outside of Vietnam.” BJ Rollison, TestArchitect, Microsoft Inc.

“People who are coming to the conference are very engaged with materials. People here seem to be more serious.” Dr. Cem Kaner, Director, Center for Software Testing Education & Research, Florida Institute of Technology.

“I heard that VISTACON is the first international software testing conference in Vietnam, I am very excited and I want to be part of the number one conference here. It is my honor and pleasure to be at this conference and I wouldn’t have missed. The participants here are very enthusiastic and active, lots of questions and I’m just very impressed.” Jimmy Uen, Sr. QA Engineer, Electronic Arts Inc.

“It is a great opportunity and my pleasure to able to contribute a little bit by being a speaker at this conference. I was very impressed with the arrangement, the logistics, the setting, the facility, the organization. I think it was really good.” Quang Tran, Lecturer, Centre of Technology, RMIT International University Vietnam.