BJ Rollison, Microsoft

BJ Rollison, Test Architect at Microsoft.

BJ Rollison is a Test Architect with Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence group where he develops technical training curriculum and teaches Microsoft various testing techniques and methodologies.

BJ started his professional career building custom solutions for small and medium sized businesses for an OEM company in Japan in 1991. In 1994 he joined Microsoft’s Windows 95 international team. In 1996 he became a test manager in the internet division responsible for Internet Explorer 4.0 and several web-client products. He moved to Microsoft’s technical training group in 1999 as the Director of Testing responsible for planning and organizing training for more than 6000 Microsoft testers. In 2003 BJ decided his passion was teaching and mentoring testers and became a Test Architect.

BJ also teaches software testing courses at the University of Washington, and sits on the advisory boards for testing certificate programs at the University of Washington, the University of California Extension Santa Cruz, and Lake Washington Technical College. He is a frequent speaker at international software testing conferences.

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