Cem Kaner

1.Introduction to Domain Testing.

2.Investment modeling as an exemplar of exploratory test automation.

3.Analyzing complex specification.

4.Introduction to Skilled Exploratory.

Hans Buwalda

1.Agile Test Development.

2.TestArchitect™ a Vietnamese Product.

3.Off-shoring test automation double benefit or double backlash.

4.Special Test Automation.

5.Successful Test Automation 1.

6.Successful Test Automation 2.

Hung Nguyen

1.High-Volume Automation Strategy - Methods and Tools for Mobile Devices.

2.Working with Western Teams – High performance Leadership Skills.

Jimmy Uen

Other benefits of performance and load test method.

Michael Hackett

1.How to Assess your test team’s performance.

2.Build a Successful Global Training Program.

Quang Tran

Testing in Agile Development

Thang Bui
Logic based methods for Software Verification
Vu Duong
Organizational Impacts on Software Quality
Hieu Duong
Test Profession - Career in Vietnam
Round Table
How to best prepare for the Software Testing Demands and Expectations in the 21st Century
Software Testing Q&A
Software Testing Q&A
Keynote and Closing Remarks-Hung Nguyen
Keynote and Closing Remarks-Hung Nguyen
The end of VISTACON
The end of VISTACON