logi_media_dir/images/news/91.jpg Newspaper: PC World
Sep 21, 2010

VISTACON 2010 – Vietnam International Software Testing and Automation Conference, by LogiGear Corporation, will be held from 20 – 22 September. PC World Magazine (TGVT) had a short conversation with Mr. BJ Rollison, expert in software testing from Microsoft, as well as one of the main speakers of the conference.

PC World: What do you know about the development of the software testing industry in Vietnam?

Mr BJ Rollison: My understanding of the software testing industry in Vietnam is only through information from books and newspapers. Overall, I was very surprised at the rapid development of the software testing industry in Vietnam, with growth of more than 20% over the previous decade and promises of much more success in the future.

I think that Vietnam will become a business partner and potentially attractive not because of lower costs than India, but due to outstanding quality services and personnel changes.  The rate is lower. This is important for creating sustainable relationships between companies.

PC World: What is your feeling when becoming a speaker at the VISTACON 2010 workshop in Vietnam?

I feel very excited for this trip. Moreover, this workshop is the first one about software testing in Vietnam. Hopefully through this experience I can share many useful things for people.

PC World: Why did you decide to come to the workshop VISTACON 2010?

The friend told me about the growth of their company in Vietnam. Thus, after receiving proposals for workshops as presenters VISTACON, I feel very honored. This is my opportunity to learn more about the software testing industry in Vietnam as well as meet a lot of software professionals.

PC World: Can you reveal something about the presentations that you’ll present at VISTACON 2010 as well as any valuable experience that you want to share with other  software testing engineers?

I will present tips about testing combinations. Software testing with more data "input" in complex systems is a challenge that most engineers are facing. In this tutorial, I hope to share with them how we train the software test engineers at Microsoft, and how to decompose the system functions and the model how to assist in the design, collection of an effective inspection. Also, I will also present on the future of software testing based on my experience and some of Microsoft's strategic vision.

About BJ Rollison.  He began his career while building and finding solutions for different models of business size, as typical of  a Japanese OEM company in 1991. Starting working for Microsoft in 1994, BJ has contributed to the research and development of software testing at Microsoft. Specifically, he is responsible for building training programs for more than 6,000 employees at Microsoft.

BJ is also a professor, teaching software testing at the University of Washington and a member of the advisory board for certification testing program at the University of Washington, the University of California Santa Cruz and technical college at Lake Washington. He lectures regularly and participates in meetings on international software testing.

VISTACON 2010 and the numbers:

1 - VISTACON is the first international workshop on software testing in Vietnam.
12 - Number of speakers who will attend VISTACON.
15 - VISTACON listed 15 events on the world's most notable software testing conferences by uTest.
40 - The number of faculty and students funded to participate in VISTACON.
200 - people who will attend VISTACON.
300 - The number of contestants entering the competition, "Bug Hunting" (Hunting for software faults).